The Best Building Materials, Fixtures, Appliances, & Mechanical Systems

All homes are Earth Advantage Zero-Energy or LEED certified. Building envelopes feature blown-in and rigid foam insulation, extensive air sealing to minimize air leakage, and high-performance windows with U-values far surpassing Oregon energy code requirements. Homes are 100% electric and feature heat pumps, heat-pump water heaters, and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs).

All homes feature solar panels for electricity production. Zero-Energy homes produce enough energy to power the entire home under normal operating conditions.

Efficient low-flow toilets, appliances and plumbing fixtures help achieve lower total building water use, resulting in lower water bills.

Air sealing, fresh air exchange via ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) and filtration result in healthier and cleaner air for occupants while maintaining high energy efficiency.

Close-in, walkable, and transit-oriented neighborhoods provide for fewer car trips and convenient access to amenities, businesses, and parks.

Waste management planning reduces the waste created, while on-site containers allow wood paper, cardboard, gypsum, and plastics to be recycled.